About Us

—Hatton Granite Company was established in 1904 – making its mark as North Dakota’s oldest monument business. The Company opened its doors in Hatton, North Dakota, just 15 years after North Dakota gained Statehood. Christian Ness started the business shortly after settling in Hatton after he and his family emigrated from the Hallingdal area of Norway. In the early years of Hatton Granite, the business necessitated personal artistry and design as most of the monuments were created by a hand and chisel. Through the years, Hatton Granite saw many changes not only in design, but as it passed through the hands of five generations of Christian’s family – Clarence Ness, Palmer and Inez (Ness) Wamstad, Don and Nicki Wamstad, and Blake and Jill Wamstad.
—After gaining ownership in 1971, Don and Nicki Wamstad advanced the company to new heights. In 1984, the company was relocated to its present location on Highway 18 South in Hatton. This relocation allowed Hatton Granite to expand to include the largest inventory of granite in North Dakota with a large indoor showroom. Also during this time, Hatton Granite made the transition from a stencil-press system to computer aided design (CAD). The CAD system now allows customers to virtually see each design prior to it being carved into stone. In addition, the advancement of the CAD program allows almost any picture, signature, or icon to be etched on the monument – without missing a detail.
—Hatton Granite is still expanding today. In 2001, Don and Nicki were joined by their son, Blake Wamstad, in the family business – taking his place as the Company’s fifth generation. Since Blake’s arrival, Hatton Granite Company expanded operations to include fabrication and installation of granite countertops. Hatton Granite’s Countertop Division includes state-of-the-art technology with the latest CNC equipment, which allows the Company to produce the highest quality design and craftsmanship across the region.
Hatton Granite’s history represents over a century of the highest quality memorials and granite products in the region. With years of knowledge and experience, still today our staff travels directly to the suppliers to select our inventory. Our inventory includes granite from across the United States, India, Norway, Africa, and beyond. All the work on each piece is completed right in our shop – from design to installation. Because we buy direct from the quarry and sell direct to you, we are able to offer the best price in the region… guaranteed.
—Please stop by to meet our family and we’ll assist you with all your stone needs.